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Cardcaptor B-Days

Want to know the birthdays of your favorite characters? Well here they are.

Sakura's b-day: April 1st
Madison's b-day: September 3rd
Tori's b-day: February 29th
Julian's b-day: December 25th
Li's b-day: July 13th
Eli's b-day: March 23rd
Mei Lin's b-day: March 25th
Aiden Avalon's b-day: January 3rd
Natasha Avalon: May 20th
Chelsea's b-day: May 28th
Nikki's b-day: October 11th
Rika's b-day: June 24th
Zachary's b-day: June 1st
Sonimi Taylor's b-day (Madison's mom): October 13th
Layla Mackenzie's b-day: February 11th
Mr. Terada's b-day: July 18th