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Character Profiles

On this page I'll include information about the main characters of Cardcaptors. Be sure to keep checking back becuase there are many characters to go through.


Sakura Avalon - Sakura Kinomoto
(Main Character)

Sakura's adventure began when she heard a noise in her basement.  She went downstairs to check it out and saw an unusual book.  She opened it up and picked up a card.  She said, "the windy?"  Just then all of the other cards flew out.  Kero woke up and dubbed her the new cardcaptor so she could capture all the cards.


Yue - Yue
(Guardian of the Moon & Clow Judge)

Yue holds the Final Judegement, which
determines who will be the next Cardcaptor.
If you can pass his test then you are the
Cardcaptor.  When Sakura passed the
Final Judegement Yue's new job was to
look after and help protect Sakura. 
Yue's other form is Julian Star. 


Madison Taylor - Tomoyo Daidouji
(Friend and Helper of Sakura's)

Madison is Sakura's best friend. She is always there when she is in trouble. Her family is rich and she always gets "gadgets" for Sakura and her to use. She is the one that records all of Sakura's clow captures. Though she may not posses magical powers like the rest of them, she is pretty good on her feet at the last minute. When Madison got seperated form the rest of the group in a maze at the school, she used her beautiful singing voice to let Sakura know where she was. Pretty smart don't you think?


Li Showron - Syaoran Li
(Rival and Friend to Sakura)

Li is the rival to Sakura in the beginning and thinks that she is hopeless.  But as the show goes on he becomes closer to her and is her friend.  He willl do anything possible in order to protect Sakura.  Later in the end, Li falls in love with Sakra and she does the same. 


Keroberos - Keroberos 
(Guardian of the Sun)

KeroBeros is the true form of Kero. He needed Sakura to capture the Earthy and Firey cards so he could return to his true form. He helped Sakura on alot of her troubles while trying to capture the cards. He has been a great "bodyguard" as you could say. He also risked his life to help Sakura change the Light and Dark Cards into Star Cards.


Meilin - Meilin Li 
(Friend and Helper of Li and Sakura)

Mei Lin is a skilled martial artist. She was even able to take on the Fight Card in a duel! She also is a real good gymnast. Mei Lin may not have any special powers but she sure does to me with all of her talents. She is in love with Li and thinks that Sakura is trying to steal him away from her. Mei Lin also comes from Hong Kong like Li and wears a special Chinese robe as well.

I will continue to update this page so always check in.